gozde 2022

GÖZDE ATALAY is a physical theater facilitator, director and actress born in Turkey and based in Athens. She has been performing since 2000 and graduated from the department of Istanbul University “Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy” in 2004. At the London International School of Performing Arts, where she completed the new full-time professional development program in 2014–2015 with a scholarship. Since 2006, she has been living and working in several countries, where she is performing, directing and teaching in various international projects.



* Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy through my teachers in Istanbul University. (2000-2004)

* Director Kerem Karaboğa and all my colleagues in acting and training in ”Istanbul Tiyatro Atölyesi” theatre company. (2004-2009)

* Augusto Boal and his “Theater of the oppressed” through my training in Çağdaş Yaşamı Koruma Derneği (Civil Society Organization) where my first Creative Drama project was experienced in a ghetto neighborhood of Istanbul. (2002-2004)

* Creative Drama, through my teaching in “Ekol Drama School” and particularly the influence of artistic director Ayla Algan and my colleague Burçak Karaboğa. (2004-2009)

* Physical Theater through my first long term training with director Kostas Filippoglou and choreographer Froso Korou. (2013-2014)

* A life changing experience that draws deeply from Jacques Lecoq`s movement/mask based pedagogy and C.G. Jung’s approach to personal growth through my practice at the ”Integral Movement and Performance Practice” program of LISPA. (2013-2015)

*My teachers at LISPA, in particular Valentina Bordenave and Phillip Schaefer.

* An in-depth dialog with my Clown through the teachings of Hernan Gene, Gabriel Chame Buendia, Giovanni Fusetti, Mario Gonzales and Patrick Van Den Boom. (2010-2013)

* The journey of Neutral Mask through my practice with Thomas Prattki and Maria Gonzales. (2012-2013)

* Meyerhold Biomechanics through the training of Tony De Maeyer and Elke Klusmann. (2011-2012)

* Circus (Trapeze, juggling, acrobatics) through my training at EMCA Municipality Circus School in Madrid and my teaching at Cabuwazi social circus school for children in Berlin. (2010-2012)

* Maria Latchinou and her pedagogy in phonetics and singing. (2015-2017)



* 2021 Short Movie, ”The Song of the Whale” Boabab Production, Athens.
* 2020 Alytaus Teatras “COM MOON A Festival”, Lithuania, Ballhaus Ost. in Berlin and at the Camden People’s Theatre in London in the show ”No Way Out” with the company Flight of Escales from 2018–2019.
* 2016-2017 “Wise and Foolish Tales of the Nasreddin Hodja” Storytelling Festival of Athens & Pelion.
* 2014-2015 “A Quiet Voice” in the International Athens & Epidaurus Festival
* From 2012–2013 she performed her clown act ”Tendedero” in several Variete Shows in Berlin and in a street performance for the International Festival Carnival of Cultures Berlin 2012.



* ”Sophie Withman” with the company La Volada at the Theatre du Present // Crous Normandie 2020, Almeria Theatre // Les Petits Barcelonais 2021
* “Athens Clown Variety Shows” at the Theatro Avaton 2019-2021
* “Queensat the festival Mujeres Que Cuentan in Santander in 2017