About the Workshop

Working Language: English

The Clown Residency is open to all experience levels or anyone interested in exploring their creative potential and new ways of expression.
In this workshop we will develop the ability to accept chaos, failure and the completely unknown as vital elements within our creative process. We will awaken our bodies, our playfulness, our awareness, our simplicity and we will free ourselves from fear and judgement through games, movement exercises, improvisation and collective singing.


The red nose, which is the smallest mask in the world, will guide the individual clowns to emerge.


We will start working with each participant alone on stage as well as with all the group on rhythm, playfulness and joy. Then guide them to discover the way of creating a clown costume and make the first step of creating a clown character while we continue with different improvisations.
We will continue with duos and trios. Clown’s communication, listening of the space, relationship with audience, developing a common action and go deep into action on stage.


In this workshop we will laugh and cry abundantly and this will help us in becoming “deeper” human beings and better artists!


Some general objectives that we are going to work during the clown journey.

– Playfulness, action/reaction and joy

– Movement analysis of the body in space

– The Red Nose as a mask: amplification and articulation of movement

– The clown as a state of being on stage

– The existence of the body in the empty space and the creative potential of imbalance situations

– Contact with the physical, emotional and spiritual body of the actor.

– Emotional awareness and presence.

– Eye Contact and interaction with the audience

– Costume development

– Playing with space and objects

– The relationship among clowns: hierarchy, masters and servants, levels of stupidity

– The Circus Clown Archetypes: Augustus, Contra Augustus, White Clown

– 3 seconds Method and Comedic Timing

– Clown’s meetings, duos and trios improvisations.

– The actor’s skills in service to the clown: playing with music, singing, acrobatics, juggling, dance and unusual or unique skills.

– To devise and to create theatrical work for a Clown Variety Show.




31th of July, Arrival to Agios Lavrentios, Pelion in the morning.
14.30-19.30 workshop (only for the first day)

07th of August, Clown Variety Show in the evening

08th of August, Departure from Agios Lavrentios, Pelion in the afternoon

Total: 50 hours

The program is flexible according to the motivation and creative potential of the group.

The aim of the workshop is to go as deep as possible in 8 days and to give the opportunity to participants to discover a life journey path as well as awakening the interest of them for using clowning in their performing fields.


Finally, bring your most true, genuine and unique humanity.
Remember: intelligence is limited, stupidity is infinite.